Squeeze it

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How to use Squeeze It :


Choose a picture from the Photo Library or Take one yourself using the iPhone Camera.


By tapping on the image you create bubbles which are defining the zones you want to deform.

Pinching a bubble will resize it.

You can remove a bubble by dragging it in the upper part of the screen.


Drag, pinch and push the bubbles to deform the image.

You can save the image to the Photo Library by tapping on the Film icon in the upper right side of the screen.

Squeeze it PRO doesn't add the "Made with Squeeze it" text on the saved images

Then you can email it or use it as a photo for a contact in your Address Book.

You can also use one of the saved images as a starting image for a new Squeeze by picking it from the Photo Library.


Drag, pinch and push the bubbles or shake the iPhone/iPod touch.



Squeeze it

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My name is Vlad Lungu and I'm living in Bucharest, Romania

I'm now working full time on developing iPhone applications and I'm loving it.

Vlad Lungu

If you have any suggestions that might improve things or you want to report a problem please feel free to contact me at : squeezeit@longneck.ro